Cognitive Cloud Computing

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The goal of every technology pioneer is to develop a computing model which can mimic the human neural response. That’s where cognitive cloud computing comes into the picture. Cognitive Cloud Computing is the process of creating complex computerized models which can work similar to a human mind. The application of works in complex situations where the outcome is uncertain and require a pragmatic approach of a human mind. It is especially ideal for enterprises looking to replace human support from functions.

How Cognitive Cloud Computing Work

The main process of computing is in cognitive analysis of information which has been sourced from different location. The data is analyzed for context-based weight-age and upon conflict based evidence to derive a solution best resembled inside a human mind. To get such solutions, the system employs several artificial and self learning concepts such as natural language procession, data mining and pattern recognition, among others. The objective to resemble the human thinking process in the closest possible manner.

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Cognitive Cloud Computing

To enable a computer system to solve problems which a normal human is often tasked with require a vast amount of data, structured and unstructured. The algorithm of the processing unit employs machine learning procedure to enable self learning. The system develops a pattern which is capable of anticipating problems and work out solutions. The process requires constant refinement and, support to identify new trends and patterns in data.

There are five major attributes of cognitive cloud computing process. They are adaptive, interactive, contextual, iterative and stateful as listed under the Cognitive Computing Consortium.


The cognitive cloud systems need to be adaptive in nature to understand that the nature of information often changes with time. The systems need to designed flexible to change. It would allow the system to accept dynamic data in real time scenario and make necessary adjustment.


Being interactive is crucial for cognitive computing to be effective. It is an important that humans are able to interact with any such system to define the needs as they may change or update. Also, the cognitive systems need to interact with other hardware elements such other processors, computers and drives.


Another very crucial cognitive function is to understand and comprehend context of data. Cognitive systems also need to identify and understand data pertaining to its context. Contextual data could be derived based upon the location, time, domain and syntax of the source. There could be other additional details such as user defined parameter’s, specified requirement and goal. There are also various other forms of both structured and unstructured data that needs segregation. The cognitive system data center needs to differentiate between each to be useful as a model.

Iterative and Stateful

An effective cognitive computing system must be able to ask for additional details regarding data to draw greater clarity. This is achieved by referring to similar problems of the past.

Why Do We Need Cognitive Cloud Computing

The future of information and communications technology (ICT), flash storage and other network and infrastructure technology is cognitive computing. Adding Cognitive computing is a smart solution for companies yearning for efficient setups.

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Cognitive Computing

Cognitive cloud computing will have a major role to play in smart energy and smart cities of future. Cloud computing would have far-reaching implications in hazardous businesses and modern warfare among many such technologies of future.

Other areas where cognitive computing will have a major role in future is in space exploration. The future of space exploration would have mankind looking to set up habitats in other planets, and cloud computing would have multifaceted implications in such cities of future.

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Cognitive Cloud Computing

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