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With the Covid-19 wreaking havoc on everyone’s goals in the next few years, companies have been forced to think of alternative ways to generate revenue. Some companies have modified their modus operandi to comply with new norms. Contactless delivery has emerged as a great way to ensure business longevity. Virtually no contact minimizes the risk of the disease spreading but also leads to additional challenges. Some deliveries need signatures to be officially handed off to the customer.

For many direct-to-consumer brands, contactless delivery has been a blessing in disguise as they have brought the business back from a standstill. As the name suggests, there is minimum interaction between the deliverer and the recipient. But there are other steps too. The delivery agent must have gloves that cover the wrists and must wear masks too. Below, in the article, we tell how contactless delivery works and how you can take advantage of it.

How does it work?

The IT boon led to the amazing technological revolution, which made our daily life much easier than before. Whole enterprises were set up just for this with network and infrastructure to support today’s lifestyle. In contactless delivery, mostly the parcel or package is left at your doorstep and then a message is sent that the delivery has been made. Within this also there are different options and facilities. You can specify how you want the order to be placed (at the doorstep or on the porch). Some delivery partners also take pictures as proof of delivery.

Is it the future?

The world has witnessed groundbreaking changes in technology in the last 30 years. If the ICT trends are to be believed, Information and Communications Technology will have a great impact on how the pandemic is contained. The integration of various means of tech and comms will play a vital role in the transfer of information and its fact-checking. This need has only been amplified by the delayed response to COVID-19 of the world.

Third-Party Logistics and their response

Many of the 3rd party logistics have started ramping up the safety measures of their deliveries and especially their personnel. With deliveries still being an essential service, companies have started helping their employees too due to the additional workload. This is in the form of PPE kits and sanitization essentials like hand sanitizer and masks. The gloves provided cover till the wrist and the masks provide an extra layer of protection too.

Regular temperature checks also eliminate the risk of infection spread. Social distancing has been practiced inside the facilities, whether it be while working or in meetings. This is also followed while the employees are checking in or out. The workstations are cleaned multiple times a day and sterilized as per the government’s guidelines.

In the previous decades’ technology like flash storage, cloud and widespread data centers have made the world inter-connected. This is where ICT comes in for seamless integration of various technologies to offer a smart solution for companies. With the advent of smart city projects and smart energy on the rise, there is a need for a network and infrastructure that can provide this growth. ICT happens to be one of them. One of the new age reforms that have a high potential to become the norm is contactless delivery and companies have already started investing and exploring this option. It is time that everyone embraces this shift and has a contactless experience in the future. This way, the risk of the disease is also minimized and the industry thrives too in the end.

Last modified: April 20, 2021

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