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It’s important to turn the crisis into an opportunity during the Covid-19 era. The technology is the resolution to promote the travel and tourism sector and to make it inclusive and affordable and reduce unnecessary stages in day-to-day operations through solutions that should be used by airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and restaurants, etc. 

Let us take a journey with the latest technology trends!

Expanding Contactless Payment:

No need to carry a credit card or debit card. Your phone or your smartwatch or any future smart handy device will do the job! Google pay or Apple pay your life to become easier. many countries are fast moving to a cashless society. Sweden becomes the first cashless society in the world as 82% of the population using online purchasing in the retail market.

Countries that don’t have the contactless service have to expedite launching this service for the following reasons

  1. Average contactless payment time 0.4 up to 0.5 seconds
  2. Your hand will not touch the banking POS machine which is good during this pandemic.
  3. Easy accessible by your phone/smartwatch.
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POS machine/Smartphone

On other hand, the cyber-attacks still a threat to the banking sector and require developing security and controls the measurement  

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Internet Chabot


  • Internet Chabot services increasing and helping customers to do a lot of tasks like booking a hotel room or an airline ticket.
  • Interactive Robots are coming for the front-line service sooner or later although that it’s applicable in few hotels but it will be expanding widely with a low cost similar to any previous product. 
  • Self Service Kiosk machine/Screen for finalizing your services at airport /restaurant /hotels along with contactless mechanism.

Key benefit of automation:

  • Reduce manpower
  • High speed –accurate
  • Operational 24X7
  • Self-independent product

VR (Virtual Reality):

VR videos allow potential customers to explore the destination first before making a booking. As it enables brand owners to present their services to potential customers right before their eyes (Hotels & resorts /Airport/Restaurants / Museum etc…) 

You can even incorporate a travel app or an interactive map with your virtual reality video to pinpoint directions, routes, and places of interest to your customers. By presenting your services to potential customers in advance using a VR video, you will convey the message that your travel company is transparent and authentic.

In the near future. Perhaps the VR will play a bigger role as you can finish your services and payment through VR services booths on the streets not limited to that only it might extend to be a social platform communication between individuals it will be virtual life not only for gaming purposes. The VR will build cities that are identical to our real cities.

Most VR tours or 360 tours are now compatible with mainstream web browsers and can help those who are reluctant to travel due to COVID to see the benefits more clearly.

Digital /E-passport:

A passport that contains an electronic (NFC) chip with an advanced security feature that has the travelers’ personal information and travel details.

Many countries launched e-passport and the list goes on. But in the near future, there is an expectation that the concept of the ordinary paper passport will be changing to be a plastic card same to the national ID that works in a unified platform connected by ”blockchain technology” to provide access to customers globally. There will be no need for the traveler to wait and get (entry/exit) stamp at passport controls .it will be electronic access as all data will be recorded into the network, no more visa stickers on passports no more fraud passports and no one can access a country without permission it’s a fully closed chain.

ReadID information map:

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Read ID worldwide

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