How AI and Facial Recognition Can Transform Industries

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While AI and facial recognition often feel like advanced technologies we only see in sci-fi movies, the truth is that they are very much a part of our lives today, even more so than we may realize.

A modern facial recognition technology uses a combination of technologies such as AI, advanced IP cameras, cognitive technology, and machine learning to scan and identify people’s faces either in person or from a digital source such as images and videos.

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Industries adopting facial recognition and facial analytics

Many industries have used facial recognition across the world to make their businesses more efficient and provide better customer experience. Let’s take a look at some of these industries.


The hospitality industry can use facial recognition technology to provide improved and personalized customer experiences. For example, linking the technology to the account of the guest makes every interaction so much easier. With facial recognition, all a guest has to do to check-in is simply stand for a few seconds while the camera scans their face.

Today, several hotels in China are using this technology in a similar way and provide better experiences.

Finance and banking

The world of finance and banking requires maximum security, and what could be more secure than your password being your face? Many banks have implemented facial recognition technology into their online sites and apps, allowing users to log in using facial biometrics.

It’s not just online that this technology can be used. There are several ATMs in Spain that have used facial recognition technology to add an extra layer of security for their users.


The retail industry can benefit greatly from facial recognition technology. From providing targeted ads to personalizing a customer’s entire shopping experience, the benefits are endless.

For example, in the US, Walgreens has used facial recognition in a few stores, where their fridge with an LED screen displays different ads for different customers. When you stand in front of the screen, the system identifies your face, gender, and age, and combining this data with other factors like the weather outside shows you an ad for a drink that you are most likely to buy.


What if you no longer have to wait in line or fill out forms every time you are at a clinic or a hospital? With facial recognition technology, this is possible. Apart from giving you a smoother, more efficient signing in process, it can also help in monitoring your vital organs, although this is a more futuristic use case.

Last modified: December 27, 2020

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How AI and Facial Recognition Can Transform Industries

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