New Value Together: Making data centres more friendly to Earth

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Marketing Director of Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise Business Group Dept talking about data centres.

Data explosion has inevitably been triggered by digital transformation as more services go online, especially in the post COVID-19 era. Apparently, we are fully connected from different devices on our side while we are reading news, playing games, or streaming videos. However, the importance of data centres is often overlooked.

Data centres serve as more than just data transfer hubs or service support platforms. It is indeed a critical infrastructure for the global digital economy, raising concerning of the increasing energy consumption.

According to the 2020 figures from Data Centre Knowledge, energy consumption of data centres is expected to triple over the next decade, compared to the current level of around 1% of global energy consumption.

Huawei IDS2000 Modular Data Center Solution.image data New Value Together: Making data centres more friendly to Earth ids2000
Huawei IDS2000 Modular Data Center Solution

Energy consumption is a common concern

Greenpeace provided a similar prediction in 2019, saying that data centres in China will consume as much as 266.79 Terawatt hours (TWh) of energy by 2023, compared to 160.89 TWh in 2018.

Climate change is one of the major reasons that operators are seriously looking into energy efficiency, especially when many countries are introducing laws and regulations covering data centres on environmental protection. Amsterdam, for instance, has set limits on the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of new data centres.

Cost is another issue. Keeping data facilities eco-friendly through outputting a low carbon footprint can help save the energy bills as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO). This takes more than just improvement of individual parts of these facilities, but a whole new infrastructure that completely change how data centres can operate.

Improving infrastructure efficiency

A data centre runs well on stable power supply, and an uninterruptible power source (UPS) is essential for keeping the power consistently fed into the systems. Conventional UPS converts the DC power from batteries into AC power when the AC power supply is interrupted. But this process causes electricity loss which can affect energy efficiency for facilities.

Huawei has introduced modular UPSs, which can reach 97% efficiency, compared to the typical 96% of other similar products available. Despite the narrow difference, the global ICT leader has put some tweaks into the equipment, saving as much as five million kWh of electricity in the entire life cycle of a 10MW data centre, with a load rate of 40% and cooling COP of 3.

Integrating AI Technologies into Data Centres

By leveraging big data and AI technologies, Huawei keeps coming up with innovative solutions for energy saving. The [email protected] energy efficiency optimisation technology uses the deep neural network model to perform energy consumption fittings and predictions.

Compared with the traditional ways, the PUE dropped dramatically. The practice and testing result in Huawei cloud DC shows the AI optimization can help to reduce the cooling cost about almost 17%, dramatically reduced power cost, of course the PUE dropped at the same time.

The smart modular UPS solution can predict faults within the power supply and cooling systems by utilizing a cold and hot aisle containment and intelligent management system. More importantly, the intelligent lithium batteries inside are much less hazardous to the Earth compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

These are just part of the full array of Huawei’s innovative solutions that help make data centres more eco-friendly. Other technological advancements for enterprises and organisations are also among the major topics discussed in the HC2020 Huawei Northern Africa Digital Power summit.

Huawei’s innovative solutions that help make data centres more eco-friendly. 

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Last modified: December 28, 2020

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New Value Together: Making data centres more friendly to Earth

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