Technologies that are Crucial to Create a Smart City

technologies Technologies that are Crucial to Create a Smart City digital network connection lines of hong kong downtown financial district in smart city in technology t20 gopAJx

A smart city is one where the network & infrastructure allows for secure connectivity and convenience of daily activities that make the lives of citizens easier while also offering smart solutions for companies. A smart city is defined by its use of smart data, smart mobility services, smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart transportation, smart IoT devices, smart healthcare, governance, and smart citizen services. These key features are made possible by the use of technologies like:


Information and Communication technology allows for two-way communication between citizens and the government so that demand patterns can be evaluated and solutions can be developed accordingly. Optimization of resources is made possible thanks to deep learning and analytics.

Artificial intelligence

Use of open data portals and flash storage can help to store massive amounts of data in the cloud for use in predictive analytics and to make decisions about governance using this data center. Data collected can be analyzed to generate insights thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be used to draw insights into several aspects of a smart city. It can develop insights that are useful for smart infrastructure so that city planning is made easier and smart mobility is a reality.


Massive transformation in operations can be made possible through use of sensors in a smart city. There can be sensors for:

  • City bins
  • Temperature of roads
  • Humidity
  • Air quality
  • Floods
  • Parking lots
  • Moisture
  • Street lighting
  • Pressure

Sensors facilitate intelligent systems of control by collecting data from environmental cues ad expressing these parameters digitally. Adjustments in operations can be made accordingly. In fact, smart streetlights, smart meters, and smart grids can all help in realization of smart energy needs with the help of sensors.

Smart IoT devices

Connectivity is an essential component of a smart city, allowing for smart enterprise solutions across various platforms. Whether it’s smart transportation through smart parking or smart traffic lights, or other aspects of a city’s functioning, smart IoT devices make connectivity and smart solutions a reality.  

Geospatial technology

Geospital-technology. technologies Technologies that are Crucial to Create a Smart City Geospital technology
Geospatial technology

Network & infrastructure requirements need a strong foundation of reliable and accurate data so that the right plan for building can be devised. Geospatial technology lays the basis for this and serves as the underlying foundation for data collection so that software-based solutions can be tailored around smart infrastructure


Data flow in a smart city can be secured with the application of blockchain technology. It can help to connect services in a smart city better while offering greater transparency and security.      

Last modified: January 4, 2021

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