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We are at CairoICT 2020..(cairo ict)

cairo ict: We are hub for Technology Services, We work with Corp’s global brands to offer a wide Range of technology and information solutions that connect people to the news they need.

It will be a great pleasure to attend 24th Cairo ICT Exhibition Fair during which we had a possibility to meet with ICT and professional IT titles from different countries, with whom we had a chance to discuss and exchange different technologies that are being applied in their countries. Some of which we can implement and use during our daily activities.

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Cairo ICT 2020

Cairo ICT 24th edition (cairo-ict)..

Cairo ICT is an International Telecommunication, Information Technology, Networking, Computing, Satellite & Broadcasting Trade Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa. Cairo ICT is one of the strongest events with regional and international presence both on the level of exhibitors or visitors. Cairo ICT provides: Business leads, Networking opportunities, Publicity and PR in regional media, Launch of new products and services, Vertical focus on selected industries. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.

The importance of new technology in a changing world

There are many technologies that will emerge in the coming decades that will profoundly influence our daily lives. Among all its technologies, there are 6 technologies that we would like to mention, because we think that these technologies have a great potential in the future, that are developing rapidly, and that will probably influence our world in the coming decades.

These 6 technologies will surely change our world in the near future. Here are these 6 technologies:

  • Big Data

Big Data refers to a very large set of data or a massive volume of data. Every day we produce a lot of data, such as emails, social media posts, online articles and videos, GPS signals and more. This dataset is thus Big Data.

Faced with this huge amount of data, we must be able to navigate and process the data. Big Data is in fact the ability to process large volumes of information with more and more standard computing means. These volumes of information or data are of interest to many sectors such as tourism, commerce, advertising, genetics, astronomy or human resources. Big data can be considered as the new black gold of the digital age.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The history of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is quite short and shows that this field has progressed a lot in sixty years. Indeed, we went from the first computer that could do some calculations to very sophisticated machines. The first machine to show its AI capabilities was Deep Blue, an IBM supercomputer that beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Then there was Watson’s AI developed by IBM, which won a game show “Jeopardy!” by answering questions in natural language. And finally, AlphaGo, the AI of Google DeepMind, who beat the world champion of the game of Go, Lee Sedol knowing that the game of Go is a game much more complex than that of chess.

  • Self-Driving Cars

Electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity are the three factors that will shape the future of the car, that is to say the autonomous and connected electric car.

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Self-Driving Cars

The electrification of cars will solve the problem of pollution and noise of current cars. Autonomous driving, will greatly reduce the number of accidents. The connectivity will allow passengers to consult information (weather, road traffic, etc.) and to take care during the journey.

  • Blockchain

The blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information, transparent, secure, decentralized, and operating without a central organ. In short, it is a kind of digital data management protocol, a large secure and transparent database. The blockchain can be seen as a kind of account book or register that contains a list of all exchanges made between users.

Virtual reality means to create a user immersion in a 3D virtual world in which he can move and interact.

Augmented reality is to use the real world to display 2D or 3D information such as images, numbers and texts with which the user can also interact. This augmented reality technology actually superimposes virtual elements to the real world, so the real world is augmented with digital information to provide more detail to the user about his environment.

  • 3D Printer

In recent years, 3D printing has become possible thanks to 3D printers. 3D printers follow the same principle as 2D printers, but instead of printing ink on sheets of paper, the 3D printer prints objects by superimposing thin layers of materials such as plastic, clay, resin and others. From a 3D software or a 3D scanner, it is possible to model objects and then print them with the 3D printer. The printing possibilities are immense with the 3D printer, it is practically possible to print all possible forms. The only constraints are the size of the printer and the imagination of the user.

The 3D printer can be used in many fields of applications such as industry, robotics, jewelery, medicine, food, fashion, armament, DIY, architecture, design, health, aeronautics and marketing. There are even 3D nano printers, such as Nanoscribe, which prints on a scale of a few microns. Based on a CAD model of a spacecraft, the 3D nano printer, Nanoscribe, prints using lasers and rotating mirrors to direct the beams in order to create a multi-layer structure by polymerization.

Cairo ICT is an International Telecommunication, Information Technology, Networking, and Computing.

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